Storm Tropical Breeze Pink/Purple

Storm’s Tropical line is expanding with the addition of the Tropical Breeze Pink/Purple. This ball utilizes a proven core and cover combination to provide great performance at a great price.

Scoring has never been such a BREEZE!

The new Storm Tropical Breeze is bringing entry performance to a new
level! Featuring the new Camber Core, the Tropical Breeze will be
perfect for those beginners looking to step up to reactive resin.

Advanced players looking for options on drier conditions will benefit greatly from this new cover/core combination.

The Pink/Purple model is infused with the fragrance of birthday cake as well!

NOTICE: Storm Bowling has recently
made a BRAND change on this product. The "Tropical Breeze" line has
been changed to "Tropical Storm". During the transition time, customers
MAY receive a product branded as either "Tropical Breeze" or "Tropical
Storm". These are the SAME product, with the same technology, same
coverstock, same core, and same color.


The Storm Tropical Breeze Pearl Pink/Purple is currently selling for $79.99 and rates a 118.5 on the Perfect Scale®

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