Motiv Cruel C51 LE

The Motiv Cruel C51 LE is Motiv’s first ball to feature a asymmetric core that has a 2.48 RG, a .060 differential, and a .030 mass bias differential. Motiv wrapped the core with a hybrid reactive cover as to allow moderate length and a strong move down lane. Low rev and speed dominate players will love the movement this ball gives them and high rev players will like the controlled back-end that this aggressive ball gives them.
The Limited Edition Cruel C51 contains the crazy-strong Cruel asymmetric core and a new additive to increase surface texture (Higher Ra) of the Black and Red Formula-5 Pearl Reactive coverstock. This feature helps low to moderate rev bowlers cross more boards down the lane in medium to heavy oil. High rev bowlers will find that this additive provides a smooth, strong backend motion.

The Motiv Cruel C51 LE is currently selling for $159.99 and rates a 214.5 on the Perfect Scale®

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