Lane #1 Black Panther

Lane 1’s new release is the Black Panther. This ball uses the same core as the Pink Panther but has a new Ion cover that will handle higher oil volumes. The Black Panther creates a good solid ball motion that is strong in the mid-lane and controllable back-end move that you would expect from a ball this aggressive. This ball’s aggressive nature will hunt down and ravage the pins.

The Lane #1 Black Panther is fierce. It hunts down pins like no ball before it, taking no heed to heavy oil. Even the heaviest of conditions is no match for the Black Panther.

The new Ion coverstock is meaner and more aggressive than any before it! Matched with the Oversized Patented Diamond Core, the strikes will come in droves. Don't be the prey, be the predator!

The Lane #1 Black Panther is currently selling for $104.99 and rates a 218.6 on the Perfect Scale®.

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