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Radical Slant

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Even though this is a new ball company the found has worked in the bowling industry for over 20 years, and with his vast experience comes Radical Bowling’s first release called the Slant. This ball has a low RG/medium differential core inside of a pearl reactive cover. The Slant’s box finish make it an ideal ball for medium conditions, but with some minor surface tweaks this ball will handle some higher volume patterns. If you are looking for something a little different you might want to give this ball a chance.

Most asymmetrical bowling balls are designed for heavy conditions and to hook as much as possible. They can be very condition specific. Radical Bowling has set out to change that with their first ever release, THE SLANT!

The Slant's asymmetrical Booster Core is designed to give you a different look as far as angles and reaction are concerned on medium/dry conditions. Versatility is the main objective for the Slant. Change the coverstock and you've got a totally different ball, more than capable of scoring on heavier patterns.

The reaction and movement of the Slant is unlike any other, you might even say it's RADICAL!

The Radical Slant is currently selling for $114.99 and rates a 207.7 on the Perfect Scale®.