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Motiv Raptor P7

The Raptor P7 with Formula-7 reactive cover is a new high performance ball from Motive. This ball has a strong low RG asymmetric core (2.46) with a high differential (.060) used to generate a strong ball motion on high oil volume patterns. The Raptor P7 has a smooth 4000 abralon finish so that it will not lose too much energy in the front part of the lane and have strong continuation through the pins.

The Motiv Raptor P7 is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a 208.6 on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Cruel C51 LE

The Motiv Cruel C51 LE is Motiv’s first ball to feature a asymmetric core that has a 2.48 RG, a .060 differential, and a .030 mass bias differential. Motiv wrapped the core with a hybrid reactive cover as to allow moderate length and a strong move down lane. Low rev and speed dominate players will love the movement this ball gives them and high rev players will like the controlled back-end that this aggressive ball gives them.
The Limited Edition Cruel C51 contains the crazy-strong Cruel asymmetric core and a new additive to increase surface texture (Higher Ra) of the Black and Red Formula-5 Pearl Reactive coverstock. This feature helps low to moderate rev bowlers cross more boards down the lane in medium to heavy oil. High rev bowlers will find that this additive provides a smooth, strong backend motion.

The Motiv Cruel C51 LE is currently selling for $159.99 and rates a 214.5 on the Perfect Scale®


Motiv Primal TV4

The Primal TV4 will provide good length and a strong back end move on medium to higher volume oil patterns. The 2.54 Rg will give this ball a aggressive mid lane charge and the .052 differential allows for a strong back end and punishing pin action. Go out and get your hands on one today so that you can unleash your inner animal on the pins.

It's time to go wild on the pins with the Motiv Primal TV4!


The MOTIV Primal TV4 is the instinctive weapon for medium to heavy oil. It features the latest coverstock technology from MOTIV. This ball is not recommended for a dry lane surface.


The proven Thrust core is at the heart of the Primal. It provides length and strong backend continuation. This compliments the coverstock incredibly well.


The skin on the Primal TV4 is the new Vicious Pearl Reactive. It claws through oil carrydown for a strong and consistent backend reaction.


The Primal TV4 is sanded to 2000 at the factory and then brought to a luster with MOTIV Power Gel Polish. This gives you length and an aggressive backend with continuation.


The Reverb outer core of the Primal is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins.


The Primal features the most visually impactful NeoMark graphic yet. And, as with all NeoMark graphics, the logo is actually part of the coverstock so it can be sanded, polished, or tuned just like any other performance ball.

**Color of logo may vary in shade**

The Motiv Primal TV4 is currently selling for $154.99 and rates a 216.8 on the Perfect Scale®.