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Hammer Brick

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Hammer’s new upper mid performance ball is called the Brick. This ball has low RG/ high differential core combined with the GTR Hybrid cover will deliver strong mid lane with great continuation in the back end. The Brick will work good on medium to higher volumes of oil and give you a solid and predictable ball motion.

The Hammer Brick is currently selling for $144.99 and rates a 202.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Hammer Razyr Red/ Black

Coming soon

This ball offers a pancake weight block and all balls will ship with pin distances of 0-1"

Finally, Hammer is introducing a new price-point this year with a unique twist on ball motion. The Hammer Razyr Black/Red combines a High-Density 3-Piece Pancake core with our new Recoil Reactive high-performance veneer. This ball is the perfect solution for Hammerheads looking for an option on medium-dry to dry oil lane conditions. This is the most aggressive coverstock ever put in a 3-piece design. Razyr glides through the front of the lane but still makes a strong aggressive move where the bowlers want it – in front of the pins.

Coverstock: Recoil Reactive
Core: 3-piece
RG: 2.65
Differential: .020
Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Performance: Maximum Length w/ Moderate Backend
Best Lane Condition: Medium-dry to Dry Oil Lane Conditions


Hammer Onyx Vibe

Coming Soon
The Hammer Vibe Onyx pairs up with Hammer’s reliable Vibe symmetric core with a new CT Reactive Plus coverstock. The Onyx Vibe will give bowlers a ball motion that hasn’t been in the Hammer line for quite some time. This is by far the most aggressive Vibe made to date and bowlers will see a very aggressive arc throughout the entire lane with this ball.


Raw Hammer Burn

The Hammer Raw Hammer Burn is set to be released on June 16th

There’s nothing safe about the Raw Hammer Burn. Made with our Shredder Reactive Pearl coverstock and Raw Hammer Deal core, we’ve designed it to be dangerous from the outside in; a scary combination of power and control you won’t find in any other mid-level ball.

The Raw Hammer Burn. Let the pins burn.


Hammer’s New Black Widow – The Black Widow Sting

The New Hammer Black Widow Sting is set to be released on July 14, 2009.


  • Coverstock : Violent Flip Reactive
  • Core : High Mass Bias Gas Mask with Flip Block
  • Color : Black/Purple/Gold
  • Hardness : 75-77
  • Factory Finish : Polished
  • RG : 2.50
  • Flare Potential : High
  • Hook Style : Moderate Length with Aggressive Backend Motion
  • Best Lane Condition : Medium to Heavy Oil