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Ebonite Warning Sign

The Warning Sign from Ebonite is a new upper-mid performance ball. This ball uses a hybrid cover on low RG/ medium high differential core. The Warning Sign is designed to give you more traction on higher volume patterns along with a strong continuous motion. This is a good ball choice for anyone wanting to tackle higher oil volumes.

The Ebonite Warning Sign is currently selling for $139.95 and rates a 188.7 on the Perfect Scale®.


Ebonite Mission 2.0

Your next Mission is here! The new Mission 2.0 is a great addition to Ebonite’s high performance line. This ball is cleaner through the front, strong mid-lane reaction, and more down lane motion than the first Mission. The Mission 2.0 is a great companion ball for the first Mission.

First Mission accomplished. This new Mission 2.0 is ready for combat. Same Quality, Same High Performance, Same Result. Ebonite's Mission 2.0 offers enhanced motion, stronger backend continuation and more striking power than ever before.
The new XL1250 coverstock contains the highest percentage of pearl ever used in a ball, to create an enhanced ball motion and more strike power.
If you liked the Mission, then just wait...

The Ebonite Mission 2.0 is currently selling for $109.99 and rates a 201.6 on the Perfect Scale®.


Ebonite’s Lane Breaker

Worldwide release June 9th

When looking for a great mid-price ball that has all the features bowlers are looking for, look no further than the Ebonite Lane Breaker. With the all new EMP1 core design, wrapped inside our strong Traxion Reactive .048 veneer, the Lane Breaker will be a great option for bowlers of all skill levels.

Color Black/Royal/Silver
Reaction Good length w/backend reaction
Coverstock Traxion Reactive 0.48
Core New – EMP1
Weight 10-16

RG / Differential

Category RG Diff
#10 2.72 .031
#11 2.62 .032
#12 2.62 .046
#13 2.59 .043
#14 2.53 .052
#15 2.51 .058
#16 2.51 .055

Ebonite’s Magic Touch

Worldwide release June 9th

Ebonite Magic Touch is the perfect complement to the Magic. Designed with more length in mind versus the Magic, we formulated Flexol Plus Reactive. When combined with the Magic Symmetric Mass Bias Core, the Magic Touch does provide a “magical” move to the pocket.

Color Black/Green/ Red
Reaction Great length with Strong Mid-lane Continuation
Coverstock Flexol Plus Reactive
Core Magic Symmetric Mass Bias
Weight 12-16

RG / Differential

Category RG Diff
#12 2.62 .046
#13 2.59 .040
#14 2.53 .039
#15 2.52 .051
#16 2.51 .043

Ebonite Evolve

Worldwide release July 14th

The all-new Ebonite Evolve is the ultimate in High Performance bowling balls. Designed with the new XL1000 cover that provides great length, and the new Evolve 1.0 core that adds the most dynamic change of direction bowlers will need. EVOLVE your game.

Color Navy/Purple/Silver
Reaction Strong Backend Motion
Coverstock XL 1000
Core Evolve 1.0
Weight 12-16

RG / Differential

Category RG Diff
#12 2.62 .046
#13 2.59 .043
#14 2.57 .057
#15 2.55 .054
#16 2.55 .052