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Columbia 300 Dark Encounter

Columbia 300 newest high performance is the Dark Encounter. This ball has a low RG/ high differential core wrapped up by Elastin 7.5 Solid reactive cover. The Dark Encounter will give a strong mid lane read with out sacrificing back end motion on higher oil volumes. This will be a great ball for anyone wanting to tackle high oil volume lane patterns.

The Columbia 300 Dark Encounter is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 209.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia 300 Omen

Columbia 300 introduces the Omen as one of there newest high performance balls. This low RG/ high differential core underneath the Bend-it reactive cover produce a strong ball motion on higher oil volumes. The aggressive sanding process allows for a bigger footprint on the lane. The Omen will help lower rev players on medium to high oil volumes.

The Columbia 300 Omen is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 193.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia 300 Benchmark

Columbia 300 Benchmark is a upper mid performance ball designed to handle medium oil volumes. This ball uses a new Hybrid reactive cover on a medium RG/ high differential core to deliver a consistent ball motion on wide variety a lane patterns. The Benchmark from Columbia 300 is a ball that has a place in anyone’s arsenal.

The Columbia 300 Benchmark is currently selling for $89.95 and rates a 176.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia’s Cool Noize

Worldwide release June 4th

The Columbia 300 Cool Noize is positioned between The NoiZe and the Loud NoiZe in terms of total hook. This ball should give any bowler an eye-popping reaction on medium lane conditions. This ball, which features our TI Boss II core design, is surrounded by our 300 Reactive Pearl shell, making this ball as ‘Cool’ as they come.


Columbia’s Full Swing

Worldwide release July 9th

The Columbia 300 Full Swingis the latest and greatest from Columbia 300. This ball is the first of its kind for Columbia 300 featuring our first mass bias core in the high performance category. The core, combined with our Full Tilt 5.0 shell will give every bowler an advantage on today’s lane conditions.