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AMF 300 OMG! Pearl

The new OMG! Pearl with the F73 cover is a upper mid performance ball. This ball has a high RG core (2.57) which allows this ball to get down the lane before making a strong move to the pocket. The black/yellow contrasting colors give this ball a unique look as it travels down lane towards the pins.

OMG! they did it again! You've never seen such monster backend as you will with the AMF OMG! Pearl!

OMG! Pearl is designed for maximum backend reaction. The super High Rg core gets this F73 coverstock down the lane so it can RIP on the backend. Monster backend is around the corner!

The AMF 300 OMG! Pearl is currently selling for $134.99 and rates a 209.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


AMF 300 Grip

AMF’s new affordable performance is called the Grip. This ball has a low RG/ high differential double cross core (2.487/.051) which gives this ball a strong predictable ball motion. The F64 cover is sanded to 2000 abralon to handle higher oil volumes but can be sanded smoother and polished for lighter oil volumes.

The AMF 300 Grip is currently selling for $109.99 and rates a 194.9 on the Perfect Scale®.



The OMG! uses a very aggressive sanded cover to help it grip in heavy oil. This ball uses the same core that was in the AMF Shredder which is a high Rg/ low differential core. If you want to see the ball hook this is a good choice.

Have you ever seen something and it made you say "Oh. My. GOSH!" Well now you're going to get that feeling when you throw a bowling ball down the lane. OMG! That ball hooks!

The AMF 300 OMG! features the strongest coverstock ever released in the companies history, the F84. Finish that with 1000 grit abralon and a super strong symmetrical core and get ready to freak!

The AMF 300 OMG! is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 208.1 on the Perfect Scale®.