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Brunswick Nexus f(P) Pearl

The Nexus Pearl has a different cover formula than its counterpart the Nexus Solid. The Nexus Pearl uses the Projection additive to create more up front skid allowing for better axis rotation and more desirable entry angles.

The Brunswick Nexus f(P) Pearl is currently selling for $154.99 and rates a 218.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Nexus f(P+F) Solid

Brunswick has changed the bowling ball landscape again. Their new cover technology can change the ratio of chemicals in the ball’s cover. The Nexus Solid uses the new Projection and Friction additives that help push the ball down the lane before creating strong traction to the pocket.

The Brunswick Nexus f(P+F) Solid is currently selling for $154.99 and rates a 224.3 on the Perfect Scale®.