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Roto Grip Rising Star

Roto Grip’s new addition to the shield line is the Rising Star. The medium RG medium differential Neutron symmetric core is designed for drier lane condition. The hybrid cover stock will help the Rising Star produce length and continuous ball motion down the lane without over reacting to the friction. This is great ball for any bowler that has trouble battling drier conditions.

It's your time to shine. The next big thing in bowling. Take your game straight to the top with the Roto Grip Rising Star!
The intent of the new Rising Star was to create a ball that works well on medium-light oil patterns for bowlers with different skill levels and styles. With the benchmark-type symmetrical core shape, the original Dark Star was the cornerstone of the Shield line in 2010, and the new Rising Star will fit the same parameters and perform even better. The Rising Star was designed to increase total hook as compared with the Dark Star, the Ultimate Vision hybrid coverstock is a must for this new release. It creates a smooth glide through the heads with ample bite on the dry boards without being over-sensitive. And with a 1500-grit polished finish, the new Rising Star is sure to raise the bar. A journey to the center of the ball will reveal the new Neutron core as the power source. The Neutron core's medium RG-medium differential shape is based on the concept started with the original Photon core utilized in the Dark Star. But you'll find an even lower RG and higher differential in the heavier weights. So look for more motion out of the Rising Star with all the benefits of a hybrid coverstock. As you rise to the top with this new Roto Grip release, you'll quickly see why it earned the name Rising Star!

The Roto Grip Rising Star is currently selling for $94.99 and rates a 174.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Roto Grip Infinite Theory

Roto Grip has the new Infinite Theory and it is the latest addition to the Crown line. The Infinite Theory uses the core shape called the Triliptic Core that produces a strong but predictable ball motion which translates into more mid lane revs and a continuous back end hook. This ball is designed for medium volume patterns or any condition that it is hard to generate a strong down lane ball motion. If you want a ball that gets through the front of lane but still read the mid lane on the Infinite Theory is definitely a ball that you should consider adding to your arsenal.

Infinite. Forever. Never-ending. Watch the newest Theory roll down the lane and you'll believe it will never quit on the backend. It's the Roto Grip Infinite Theory!

Following the huge impact on the market made by the original Roto Grip Theory, Roto Grip has created the Infinite Theory. This ball is for bowlers looking for a smoother glide through the heads with strong motion through the pocket. The Triliptic core helps the ball get into a roll easier while the Infinite theory's triple elliptical shape creates consistent axis migration and predictable ball motion giving the consistency needed. This ball also provides more energy transfer from the ball to the pins, increasing pin movement and therefore increasing strikes. The hybrid coverstock gives added versatility while the polished surface will float the ball effortlessly through the heads with a hint of Abralon for the benefits of a solid.

The Roto Grip Infinite Theory is currently selling for $94.99 and rates a 219.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Virtual Gravity NANO

The newest addition to Storm’s Premier line is the Virtual Gravity Nano. This ball uses a medium low RG with a high differential core. The new cover stock called NRG (Nano Reactive Genesis) was designed to create more texture which generates more surface contact to the lane the end result is more hook. If the Virtual Gravity Nano follows in the footsteps of the original Virtual Gravity it is sure to be a great ball.

The Storm Virtual Gravity was one of the most successful and best selling balls of all time, we just made it better. More aggressive. More strikes. The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO!
Storm is known for producing the best high performance balls on the market. When the Virtual Gravity was released in 2008, it not only turned heads but gave bowlers of all skill levels an unprecedented amount of hook on even the oiliest lanes imaginable. The new Virtual Gravity Nano is intended to create a similar yet stronger ball motion built specifically for heavy oil. This can be accomplished with either a stronger coverstock (texture) or more aggressive weight block (lower radius of gyration or increased differential). As the original Virtual Gravity quickly became Storm's all-time best seller, the new Nano is sure to follow in its footsteps...and yes, those are big shoes to fill! Looking at the original Virtual Gravity, the Shape-Lock HD weight block/core system produced a fast-revving action that especially helped bowlers looking for a stronger change of direction usually privy to only those with big rev rates! The Shape-Lock HD motor will continue to power the Nano as well. A breakthrough in coverstock technology rarely happens due to the complex nature of chemistry and polymer science. But Storm's research and development team is committed to maintaining the "pole position" in bowling innovation, so it's no surprise that we are changing the game yet again with the new NRG cover. With Nanotechnology, NRG will give bowlers increased oil traction due to the micro-dynamic enhancements of the surface. Just looking at the surface of the new NRG material shows you the increased surface texture between the peaks and valleys, as well as the more aggressive edges on the top of the peaks! We're continuing to push the envelope; we just hope you are ready for it.

The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO is currently selling for $159.99 and rates a 224.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Linds Easy Flip

The Easy Flip is Linds entry into the ball market. It has a medium-high RG value with a medium differential. The ball will perform well on medium oil conditions. The easy flip has a ball motion that is clean in the front of the lane and strong move to the pocket down lane. It is good solid reactive ball from Linds.

Getting your ball to make the turn on the backend has never been simpler than with the Exclusive, Linds Easy Flip!
The standard for a benchmark ball has always been a polished reactive ball with a symmetrical core. You want the first ball out of your bag to be aggressive but predictable. That's exactly what you'll get with the Easy Flip!
By matching the Cylinder Plus core with the Solid Reactive coverstock, you will have the perfect ball for your typical house shot and also for when the lanes get tough.
Don't make scoring hard on yourself, get the Linds Easy Flip!

The Linds Easy Flip is currently selling for $49.99 and rates a 192.5 on the Perfect Scale®.