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Lane #1 Time Bomb Black Fire

The Black Fire Time Bomb is the newest ball in this series. This ball combines a light particle load cover with a medium Rg/ high differential core. The Black Fire will handle higher volume patterns and give you a strong back end move.

Lane #1 is about to detonate a new Time Bomb and this one is hotter than the original! The Time Bomb Black Fire is going to set the bowling world ablaze and incinerate the pins! Introducing the new Power Snap 17 Light Load Particle coverstock. Wrapped around the explosive Time Bomb's hour glass inverted diamond core, the new Time Bomb Black Fire is ready to torch the competition!

P.S. Remember...Nothing cuts through pins better then a Saw!!

The Lane #1 Time Bomb Black Fire is currently selling for $174.99 and rates a 216.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Morich Perpetual Motion

The Perpetual Motion will be a great low volume and short pattern ball. This ball will provide length and control on drier lane conditions. Morich has always produced great balls and this one will be no exception.

Introducing Morich Bowling's first Symmetrical cored bowling ball!

By combining the new RESPONSIV pearlized cover with a HUGE symmetrical core, MoRich has created a ball that is clean through the front of the lane with continuous hook from the break point to the pins and tremendous hitting power.

The Perpetual Motion expands the spectrum of the ball reactions available from MORICH. This ball excels on most house patterns and on shorter, more competitive oil patterns and has a HUGE symmetrical core that gives it great versatility with different drilling techniques.

The Morich Perpetual Motion is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 188.8 on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Recon RX1 Silver Pearl

Motive has the answer for low volume and short oil patterns with release of Recon RX1 Silver Pearl. This cool looking ball is designed for length and control. The Recon RX1 Silver Pearl is a great choice for attacking those drier lanes.

It's time to take control of the lanes! Plan a controlled strike against the competition with the MOTIV Recon RX1. It features the proven Recon inner core and is armored with MOTIVator-X coverstock for a controlled reaction on light oil, or shorter oil patterns.

The Recon core drives the RX1 into the heat of battle. It provides a higher RG to control revs and a moderate differential to smooth out reaction down the lane. The 15# RX1 has an RG of 2.59 and a .025 diff.

The MOTIVator-X™ cover on the Recon RX1 compliments the core perfectly for attacking light oil conditions. It tames friction on the lanes, yet still provides excellent recovery and hitting power.

The factory finish on the Silver Pearl RX1 is 4000 wet sand with Power Gel polish. This finish will provide excellent length on a light oil condition.

The Reverb outer core of the RX1 is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins.

The MOTIV Recon RX1 features the most visually impactful NeoMark graphic yet. And, as with all NeoMark graphics, the logo is actually part of the coverstock so it can be sanded, polished, or tuned just like any other performance ball.

The Motiv Recon RX1 Silver Pearl is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 142.5 on the Perfect Scale®


900 Global Raw Profit

900 Global’s Raw Profit delivers a heavy roll with a strong continuous back end. The eye catching purple/orange ball has a distinctive look as it travels down lane. This ball will a great companion for the Profit.
It's time to cash in! Profit in it's Rawest Form! We've lowered the RG and raised the Differential to promote better traction in oil.

The Raw Profit gets down to business with the S70 Solid Reactive Coverstock finished at 4000 Abralon. Smooth and strong!

The 900 Global Raw Profit is currently selling for $128.99 and rates a 211.1 on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Damage

The Damage from Brunswick is a great ball in the Advanced Performance line. This ball uses the proven cover Powrkoil 18 and a high RG core to give a clean and predictable ball motion. The Damage not only looks great but it out performs other ball in this price point.

With its high gloss finish, the Damage will provide excellent length with a quick response to friction at the breakpoint. The Damage is the highest rated breakpoint shape ball at the Advanced Performance price point from Brunswick and will match up on medium to dry lane conditions for a wide range of bowling styles.

The Brunswick Damage is currently selling for $79.99 and rates a 184.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Wicked Siege

The Wicked Siege was way above my expectations because this ball seemed to get better as the night went on. This ball was very clean through the front of the lane and had strong continuation all night. I give this ball one of my highest recommendations because this is a can’t miss ball from Brunswick.

The Wicked Siege combines the new Propel X coverstock and the MACE medium RG core to produce a ball motion that is clean through the front, consistent in the mid-lane with a quick response to friction on the backend. With its consistency from shot to shot and versatility across the lane, the Wicked Siege will be the first ball out of your bag and a new benchmark ball for Brunswick on medium to oily lane conditions.

The Brunswick Wicked Siege is currently selling for $99.95 and rates a 215.4 on the Perfect Scale®.