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Roto Grip Theory

The Roto Grip Theory is a new release in the Crown line. The Theory uses a low rg triple elliptical shaped core with a high differential to help the ball to maintain a consistent axis migration creating a predictable ball motion.

Put this THEORY to the test. The evolution of the bowling ball never has reached a level this advanced!
The Theory we are bringing to you is based on an exciting new interior shape called the Triliptic Core.
It's a triple elliptical shape that has a myriad of benefits from consistent axis migration to the ease of drilling and predictability of ball's all there! It takes lots of engineering to come up with a design this intense, and you can literally FEEL the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the creation of this Theory.
Roto Grip - It's all about the ATTITUDE!

The Roto Grip Theory is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 220.0 on the Perfect Scale®.


Roto Grip Nomad Dagger

The Roto Grip Dagger is a medium-rg with a higher differential weight block. The Rotary core combined with the Ultra Vision Hybrid cover will deliver a ball motion that is cleaner through the front but strong and controlled in the backend.

Cut the heart out of your opponent with the Roto Grip Nomad Dagger!

Looking forward to the new Nomad Dagger, we are relying upon the proven Rotary weight block design to carry the success of the series into the future. This unique core shape fits so many different styles of bowlers! Strokers, crankers, and tweeners alike have found success with the fact, the Nomads have come to be must-haves in Wes Malott's tournament arsenal, too.

And with an Ultra Vision Hybrid coverstock, the Nomad Dagger comes prepared with a 1500-grit polished finish. Matched with this Rotary core, it's a lethal combination. You need this ball.

Roto Grip - It's all about ATTITUDE!

The Roto Grip Nomad Dagger is currently selling for $89.99 and rates a 188.7 on the Perfect Scale®


Storm Natural Pearl

The Natural Pearl is a conventional pearl urethane coverstock with less surface friction for challenging patterns. The Turbine core is strong enough to create flare so that the ball will create enough ball motion but will diminish the over/under ball reaction down lane sometimes associated with reactive covers. A great choice for short or light volume patterns.

Sometimes taking it old school is what it takes to win! The Storm Natural Pearl is everything that's good about bowling technologies past blended with the newest innovations.
Bowling ball technology has advanced at a furious pace over the past 20 years. We've seen huge moves forward in the development of new weight block shapes, core designs, coverstock materials, and more. Most often, this technology will help you reap the benefits in your league and tournament competitions.
But not all lane conditions are conducive to Premier Line equipment with all the coverstock technology needed for maximum traction. Some competitive oil patterns are short with very clean backends and some lane surfaces, especially wood, have an extreme amount of wear and built in friction.
The U2S™ pearl urethane coverstock is a modern generation form of the original urethane made popular in the 80s. What once was used to create more hook and friction as it developed out of the polyester era, urethane has the ability to tame over-reacting backends without sacrificing hitting power, or coefficient of restitution.
And if you've ever doubted the hitting power of the Natural, just ask Rhino Page who is the reigning Viper Pattern champion on the PBA tour. Try one today. You'll become a believer.

The Storm Natural Pearl is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 125.5 on the Perfect Scale®


Motive Q72

The Motive Q72 has a medium to high RG and medium differential core that is perfect for lighter volume patterns. This good looking ball is sanded to a 4000 finish then polished so that it is very clean in the front of the lane and has a strong but controlled move at the break point. This motive ball is very sharp looking with the blue and black coloring and their Neomark logo. The Q72 is a good choice for bowlers wanting to attack lighter oil volumes.

Black and Blue never looked so good. Beat your opponents to smithereens on light/medium oil with the new Motiv QZ2!


Beat the competition on light to medium oil with the black and blue MOTIV™ QZ2. It features the Quadfire™ inner core, MOTIVator-Z™ Reactive cover, Reverb™ outer core, and exclusive NeoMark™ graphics.


The proven Quadfire™ inner core produces an RG that stores energy for the backend reaction and a differential for controlled track flare. The 15# ball has an RG rating of 2.55 and differential of .043.


The 2-color shell on the QZ2 Quadfire is MOTIVator-Z™ Reactive. This cover gives you a strong and consistent reaction on light to medium oil.


The Black and Blue Pearl QZ2 is 4000 wet sanded and then polished with Power Gel. This gives it a little more length on the lane than the previous QZ releases.


The Reverb™ outer core of the QZ2 is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins.


The Black and Blue Pearl QZ2 coverstock is integrated with Silver Pearl NeoMark™ logo graphics. These graphics are also formulated from MOTIVator-Z™ reactive urethane so you have a consistent reaction 360° around the ball surface.

The Motiv QZ2 Black/Blue is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 164.4 on the Perfect Scale®.